Aymed Medikal Technology Company has been supplying consumables in its production facility. in addition to medical devices that have been produced in the field of urology for 30 years, Especially in the production of catheters used in the world for urodynamic testing Aymed Medical Technology has taken its place among one of the producing companies. 

Urodynamic Catethers 

The rectal and cystometry catheters that are produced vary according to the intended use and the individual to be used for. There are water-filled (6F, 8F) and air-charged (6F, 7F, 8F) cystometry catheters; air-charged (7F, 8F) and water-filled (10F and 12F) rectal catheters. With cystometry catheters, veiscal pressure in the bladder is measured. In rectal catheters, intra-abdominal pressure is measured in the rectum.

- Water-Filled Catethers: 

•Length: 40cm

•Piece/per Box: 50

•Baloon Type: Latex


•One time only use

-Air-Charged Catethers:

•Length: 35-50cm

•Piece/Box: 50


•One time only use