The Thymesia Operating Room Integration System will allow you to respond more quickly to emerging needs in the operating room.



The Thymesia operating room integration system will allow you to respond more quickly to emerging needs in the operating room.

• Approximately 70% of expenditure items in hospital operation are operating room requirements and surgical supplies. First of all, this huge expense can be controlled and the quality of the operating room service will rise to increase the surgeon, operating room staff and patient satisfaction.

• The Thymesia operating theater integration system will enable the creation of surgical archives and the use of surgeons in different alternatives for their training. Surgical archives and live surgical meetings will play an important role in training surgeons.

• The Thymesia operating room integration system will also bring significant innovations in the training of medical school students and surgical branch assistants.


THYMESIA OR Operating Room Integration Systems

The operating room supplies a significant amount of expenditure items in hospital operations.

• THYMESIA OR system allows you to process any kind of medical equipment used in the operation into the patient's surgical file. The system informs the hospital and finance unit of the materials used at the end of the operation.

• The surgical team, anesthesia team, surgical nurse team and operating room technicians who are involved in the operation of the patient are recorded.

• With Thymesia operating room integration system, it will be able to respond more quickly to the needs that may develop instantly in the operating room.


How will the THYMESIA OR System Work?

First, the patient's recognition barcode band on the patient's arm will be scanned and entered into the system for the the operating room.  The system will automatically connect to the Hospital Information Management System (HBYS or HL7). HBYS (HL7) will send patient information to the operation room integration system. All surgery and medical supplies used for the patient from the beginning to the end of the operation will be processed into the patient's file on the system. This information will also be sent to the operating room, hospital management and finance unit to maximize the coordination between the units.


Why is the THYMESIA OR beneficial to surgeons?

• Ability to record all surgeries of the surgeon

• Ability to prepare powerpoint presentation from surgical images

• Possibility to make own operation room archive

• Publication of patented surgical techniques developed by the surgeon

• Great help in student and assistant education

• Surgical archives will be created throughout the country. This will facilitate exchange of information in the surgical branches much easier.


Make live surgery meetings with THYMESIA OR!

With the HD image transfer module integrated into the system, the images can be transferred in real time to the meeting hall, congress center or any other desired medical center. Participants and the surgeon can speak mutually. Techniques applied during surgery and the surgery itself can be transferred online.

What are the benefits of the THYMESIA OR to Medicine Education?

The images obtained during surgery are archived; so

• Surgical fields can be used for residency training,

• It will be the source of surgical lessons for medicine faculty students.