Locum is an advanced urodynamic system that is used for diagnosis in problems related to urinary incontinence and voiding. It analyzes the filling and voiding phases of bladder. With the aid of a peristaltic pump, isotonic water is infused into the bladder and drained off by normal voiding. Parameters such as the volume infused and voided, bladder pressure values and electromyography of the sphincter muscles are measured and reported in real time when these procedures are performed.

The Locum system includes a computer with USB module, wireless infusion pump and infusion sensor, wireless bladder pressures and EMG measurement device, wireless uroflowmetry unit, catheter pulling unit (UPP), uro-gynecological table and test control software.



Locum Basic: System + Trolley

Locum Advanced: System + Trolley + Video Module

Locum Plus: System + Urotable

Locum Pro: System + Urotable + Video Module



  • Wireless Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Adjustable and easy to carry body
  • Reliable database
  • 7 different language options (Turkish, English, German, Arabic...)


Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Charging Time: 2 hours (22 hours continuously)
  • Measurement Range: 

        Flow: 0-100 ml / sec

        Infused Volume: 0-2000 ml

        Pressure: -30, +250 cmH2O 

        Pump:  Infusion Speed 0-100 ml/min

        Uroflow Volume: 0-1000 ml

        UPP Pulling Speed: 1mm/sec - 5mm/sec

  • Connectivity: Wireless


Analysis & Graphics:

  •  Pressure Flow
  •  Pressure Flow + EMG  
  •  Cystometry
  •  Cystometry + EMG
  •  Uroflow
  •  Uroflow + EMG
  •  Biofeedback
  •  UPP (Urethral Pressure Profile)


Optional Accessories:

  •  Ability to capture and store data in a hospital database (PACS, HBYS)
  •  Catheter withdrawal unit (UPP)